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You are advised to wear safety helmets as this group is under construction. It would just ruin your day to have a snorlax fall on your head when you don't have the proper safety protection.


Poké-Isle is in progress!

But what IS Poké-Isle?
Poké-Isle is short for Pokémon Island for anyone who didn't catch on. Contrary to the name it is far more about Fakemon than anything. Here is a place to submit your fakemon creations and comics, to have them viewed and to, if you want, have them included in the comic.

I will be updating a Fakemon Web-Comic. I would love to say I'd update it every day, or every week but I'm not that organized and the update may be rather sporadic.

So is it only your comic here?
Of course not! As with other Fakemon groups this is a place where you can show of your designs for new Pokémon. It's also a place to show your own pokémon/fakemon comics.

What happens to my submissions?
Comics will be placed in a comic folder and fakemon submitted will be added to the Fakedex.

The fakedex is just a list of the fakemon submitted. It is completely different from, say, my Jade or Amber Pokédexes because it simply means that your fakemon may be included in the web-comic. You may specify if you don't want your fakemon included. :)
Adding the Fakemon to the Fakedex does not give me any ownership of the fakemon. It is still all yours and will not be used without credit to the original creator.

Submitting in General
For now the maximum is five pictures in a row. A different person must submit something before you can submit more after reaching this maximum.

Any other questions can be left in the comment section :)
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Submitted on
June 22, 2010