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The first contest!

Yes, I know that the group has very, very few members at this point, but that's why I've given it such a long entry time.

Fakemon Party Contest
Entry Dates: June 24th - July 31st

Now, as you probably know I'm working on a web-comic. The only problem is that I have hardly enough or the right type of pokémon to complete the character's parties. I'll provide a description of the person and a very general idea of the fakemon they need. Look at the person and the description, if there are any of your fakemon that you think would suit them, then you might as well enter them. :D

If a space in a character's party pokemon list has something written in { } then there are that many spaces open for potential fakemon.
- {any} means that any type or demeanor of fakemon can be submitted in this slot
If anything else is written in the {} then it simply means it needs to be something a little more specific. For example, Jonathon needs a fire type, and so he has {a fire type} in one of the slots.
Any Fakemon's name not in {} means that it is already a member of their party.

Any other questions? Feel free to ask in the comments section. :)

The people will be as followed. Names are subject to change.

Jonathon is a very impulsive person. Paired with his curiosity has made someone who is rather difficult to travel with as he'll be constantly making detours. He lost a bet about a year and a half ago to a few friends and as a result had to live in the woods for a month. During that time he decided he rather enjoyed it there and loved the fact that he'd managed to get the people in the town to think that the woods was haunted.
Jonathon's pokemon are generally of trickster sort.
- Spolicoon
- {A fire type}
- {A starter}
- {Any}
- {Any}
- {A powerful one}

The heroine of one of the comics, she is very headstrong but has a tendency to just do what people to suggest. She's been traveling for about two years before arriving at the island and is a decent trainer.
Terra's pokemon are just about anything. She has a wide range of different species.
- {A starter}
- {Any}
- {Any}
- {Any}
- {Any}
- {Any}

Ruth Talona
An extremely successful cat burglar, having stolen many artifacts from museums and jewls to sell to private buyers, she is cold and tricky. She is the sister of the man who's dedicated his life to capturing all legendary pokemon.
Talona's pokemon need to be able to help her in her burglaries.
- Swagcoon
- {Any}
- {Any}

All winners will receive:
-A picture of their selected fakemon drawn by me
-The winning fakemon will be featured in my upcoming comics
-The winning fakemon will be featured in a special 'winners' folder.

- You can submit as many entry's as you want.
- All submited Fakemon must belong to you and are not copies of an existing Fakemon or Pokemon.
- No merges, the Fakemon must be your original.
- You don't have to enter your fakemon for someone specific if you don't want to.

Any winning or submitted Fakemon still belong to the original owner. By submitting your Fakemon you simply give me the right to put it i the comic and include it in this group. I do not receive any addidional rights to it unless stated.
In other words, your submitted fakemon still belongs to you and whatever region it was already in. It will simply be in a character's party.

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